Industrial Screens
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Hein, Lehmann Origins

Hein, Lehmann began in 1878 when tradesmen Max Hein and engineer Anton Lehmann put together a partnership to manufacture corrugated iron sheets in Berlin-Reinikendorf. They later developed their own patents to manufacture railroad signal systems. From these beginnings the pair began steel and bridge construction in Dusseldorf.

Hein, Lehmann built the famed radio tower in Berlin in 1928. The company expanded rapidly post WWII when it built all the Rhine River bridges in Dusseldorf. The companyís wide product range included fixed and portable bridges, as well as steel buildings for mining and other industries. They designed and built scaffolds for cranes and crane tracks, along with pithead gears, bunkers, steel water tanks and towers as well as radio and TV masts (of heights up to 322m) and even had a galvanizing plant.

In 1947 Hein, Lehmann acquired all patents and licenses of the Louis Herrmann Company (Herrmann-screens®) of Dresden which specialized in the manufacture of industrial screens and wire belts. The screen business moved to Dusseldorf in 1948 and began the production of a wide range of wire, wedge wire screens and rubber screens and the unique Conidur® fine hole and slotted hole sheets as well as specialty wire conveyor belts.

Hein, Lehmann continued with its screening systems and technologies development through the 1950ís including the fully continuous stream centrifuge for the sugar industry. In the 60ís Hein, Lehmann turned its attention towards screening problem materials with its Umbra screens and panels designed for handling moist, sticky broken feed materials. But in 1967 the company introduced the first version of a Flip-Flow design with its Torwell screening machine. In 1971 that design was improved to the Liwell® Flip-Flow screening machine and several subsequent technological and mechanical changes have been made to further improve its performance handling difficult to screen materials.

Today Hein, Lehmann continues to offer a wide range of products through its own sales and marketing companies and under license to others. At Hein, Lehmann Canada we offer the Liwell® Screen Machines and the wedge wire screens. The tradition of innovation and service continues.

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