Industrial Screens
for Forestry, Mining, Recycling, Aggregate, Slag

Liwell® Screens : Construction

The main shaft with machined excenters on the LIWELL® screening machines runs in large roller bearings. Two are installed on the inner frame and two for the outer frame.

A V-Belt and cardan shaft from 1200 rpm motor drives the shaft
at about 600 rpm.

The circular motion of the excenters is transferred to the outer frame
via engineered fibreglass thrust rods.

The inner frame is supported by rubber isolating springs and the outer frame is suspended from the inner frame by fibreglass guide springs, enabling an almost linear motion.

The flexible screen mats are mounted to cross bars alternately fastened to the inner and outer frames. Rubber aprons protect the cross bars (not for wear, but to prevent the freezing on of fines). The mats are clamped to the cross bars with clamping bars by means of stainless steel acorn nuts.

Crossbeams alternating on inner and outer screen box

LIWELL® packed arrived after shipping

LIWELL® screen from rear

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