Industrial Screens
for Forestry, Mining, Recycling, Aggregate, Slag

Liwell® Screens : Design Features

  • Due to the high agitation and material acceleration (over 50G) the Liwell® can remove fines and sticky materials and screen difficult materials conventional screen machines simply cannot.
  • Hein, Lehmann specially formulated Liwell® polyurethane screen mats ensure trouble-free efficient performance.
    • Conical shaped screen mat holes improve screening performance.
    • Consistent performance and screening results.
  • Screen machine performance can be tailored to suit your product and process system objectives
  • Liwell® Mats and Liwell® Screen Machines operate in harsh Canadian climate under snowy, icy or wet conditions. They run trouble free in -45 degrees C
  • Low operating costs and low life cycle costs
Video: Liwell® generates big screening force while running smoothly

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