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Products: Flip-Flow Screening Machine LIWELL® Type KT

The Type KT Liwell machine provides an elegant solution to for fine screening of coarse bulk materials. It incorporates a circular motion top deck to scalp the oversize from the feed and a LIWELL® bottom deck to screen fines from the top deck throughput. This will save valuable space where physical limitations prohibit more than one machine and address a wide range of applications.

An unbalanced shaft puts a circular motion into the machine frame while simultaneously being used as an eccentric shaft to generate the changing rotation of the cross bars via rocker arms. With this forced movement, the flexible LIWELL® screen mats of the lower deck are tensioned, stretched further and slackened: the “flip-flow action”. We build the Type KT up to 3 meters X 8 meters so it can handle substantial feed volume.

Video: This video graphically shows the Liwell® KT principle.

Hein, Lehmann can fit all types of screen panels on the circular motion top deck, which serves as a protection deck for the LIWELL® screening system below. The LIWELL® accomplishes clog-free screening of difficult to screen and moist materials at small cutpoints (fines) using special flexible screen mats, high accelerations of over 50g and its unique “flip-flow” action. (http://heinlehmann.ca/liwell-overview.php)

A KT machine being manufactured at our Krefeld Germany facility.

A KT in use at a limestone quarry.

A KT in use at a limestone quarry.

The KT in a coal mine. (next 2 photos as well)

A drawing of a Liwell KT.

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