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Liwell® Screens : Machine Overview

Hein, Lehmann Canada sells and services Liwell® Screen Machines.

Liwell® Screen Machines have operated in Canada for over 25 years in Pulp mills allowing Production Managers to manage the fines and pins in their chip feed to their digester. In Europe and Canada the Liwell® Screen Machine has contributed to the fines management in difficult to screen products in industries such as:

Liwell® Screen Machines come in where conventional circular motion or linear motion screen machines and their screening media stop working effectively due to sticky material or pegging. When either or both of these issues arise, the screen will blind over and stop screening product effectively or in some cases stop screening entirely. Often in these situations screen operators that have conventional machines have their workers climb onto the screen deck to clear the material from the surface and waste valuable production time doing so.

The Liwell® Screen Machine principle overcomes blinding and increases the efficiency of the screening system and often contributes to operator’s ability to add new products or offer improved products to their customers. Using a Liwell® Screen Machine can reduce the fines load on a wash system or eliminate it from the screening system.

Hein, Lehmann offers the Liwell® Screen Machines in several configurations. Below are examples of some of the executions:


Hein, Lehmann will work with you to calculate the size of machine you may require for your application.

On this site, Hein, Lehmann Canada has outlined some of the Industries in which the Liwell® Screen Machines have overcome difficult bulk materials. We have also included some video to demonstrate its unique screening action.

Below is a diagram showing the types of screening action graphically:

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