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Liwell® Screens : The Liwell® Principle

Based on a design that Hein, Lehmann introduced more than 40 years ago, Liwell® Screen Machines operate all over the world successfully classifying difficult to screen materials.

Video: This video graphically shows the Liwell® principle.

LIWELL® Screen Machines operate on the "Flip-Flow" principle, unique to any other screen machine. The outer and inner screen frames move against each other in a linear motion driven from a single shaft with excenters at approximately 600 rpm. The two frames carry alternating cross beams on which the flexible screen mats are mounted. The opposing action tensions and releases the special screen mats. The excenters ensure a positive movement, enabling the screen mats to be stretched at the end of each stroke. The change in shape of the mat and apertures and the high forces will dislodge particles before they peg. The machine itself will be subjected to only 2–3 g, while the material being screened is exposed to acceleration of about 50 g. The screen deck operates free from blinding or plugging, even with difficult materials. Conventional circular or linear motion screen machines generate significantly less force at 3g to 6g’s.

The combination of extreme agitation, high accelerating forces and slight mat deformation have proven very effective in screening difficult materials and in applications where washing was the only solution with conventional circular motion and linear motion screen machines.

As we have seen for decades in Canada, the Liwell® screen handles snow and icy conditions very well.

The Liwell Screen Action

Different types and designs of Liwell® machines and screen mats provide a solution for any difficult screening application.

The basic principle of the trampoline-like movement of the LIWELL® polyurethane screen mats, where the mats cycle from loose to tension to strongly stretched condition, is used in all LIWELL® machine types.

Compared to conventional screening machines the LIWELL® provides:

  • Continuous operation without additional cleaning necessity
  • Uniform screening results
  • Higher efficiency and capacity
  • The combination of the unique machine principle together with screen mats especially produced by Hein, Lehmann, optimizes the screening results continuously
  • Conically shaped holes that resist plugging and so offer higher capacity
  • Low-wear materials of special polyurethane with mechanical/dynamic properties that remains constant on a long-term basis

If you have an application that conventional screen machines and screen panels cannot solve talk to us at Hein, Lehmann. We likely have the answer to your problem.

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