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Products : Replacement Parts

Hein, Lehmann Canada supplies all replacement and wear parts for the Liwell® Screen Machines.

The replacement parts meet or exceed the exacting specifications of the Liwell® Screen machine’s factory assembled original parts. Benefiting from ongoing research and technological advancements, original Hein, Lehmann Liwell® new replacement parts are the optimal performance choice for your machine. Meeting demanding Hein, Lehmann specification, Liwell® Screen machine parts are manufactured specifically for the unique requirements of your Liwell® Screen.

No matter what replacement part for your Liwell® Screen Machine you need, Hein, Lehmann can provide you with exactly the right part to keep your Liwell® Screen Machine running reliably and efficiently.

Special Note on Liwell® Standard Mats:

Hein, Lehmann manufactures Liwell® Polyurethane replacement screen mats and U-Mats in either standard thickness choices of 3mm or 4mm thick (special thickness options for unique situations are available). Our polyurethane formulations for cold weather, chemical resistance, abrasion resistance and other special conditions along with our high quality manufacturing systems will provide you with the maximum mat life for your application.

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Hein, Lehmann also supplies mats for very fine apertures using our U-Mats. We can retro-fit machines that do not currently accommodate our U-Mats. Please ask us about these kits.

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